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Locate Your Target Customer.

You are able to search, locate, and select your target customers based on monthly consumption, demand, square footage, or industry assessments. Using our ‘Energy Assessment’ tool you can quickly identify and contact the sites that best fit your needs. You can search by state, city, zip code, or utility service territory.

Satellite Driven Technology.

Using satellite imagery, our software scours for the largest and most energy intensive facilities in North America. Using industry power trends, satellite imagery, rooftop analysis, and automated analysis of facility and local characteristics we provide an ‘Energy Assessment’ for over 1,000,000 facilities.  

Accelerate Your Sales Growth.

 Our job is to make your job easier and you more successful. You are transforming the energy industry, we are your energy ally.  Our ‘Energy Assessment’ tool is built to bridge the gap between the black box of utility data and the need for an efficient go to market strategy.

“Our mission is to accelerate the growth of distributed

energy solutions."


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